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Gold A


Numerous advance techniques are available such as vacuum preloading, vibro stone column, vibroflotation, dynamic compaction, dynamic replacement, deep cement mixing, sand compaction pile, HVDM etc where each of the method has its own advantage and disadvantage compare to others. PT Geotekindo as a ground improvement specialist can provide the most effective and efficient solution to all your soil improvement needs.



PT. BAUER Pratama Indonesia, a subsidiary of BAUER Spezialtiefbau GmbH (based in Germany), is a leading company for advanced foundation technology in Indonesia. Established in Indonesia since 1991 and through company’s regional network, which is Bauer South East Asia Pacific Network, P.T. BAUER Pratama Indonesia carries out many challenging projects in Indonesia. PT. BAUER Pratama Indonesia has an effective and efficient work culture, and deliver innovative foundation techniques and geotechnic solutions to meet service and quality requirements of the client.


Gold B


Menard is a worldwide leader in ground improvement works, providing complete range of ground improvement techniques to meet specific project requirements. Based on our experience of operating globally for more than 5 decades, we have improved and developed a complete range of innovative and sustainable ground improvement techniques for the benefits of our clients. A fundamental objective of the company has always been to remain at the forefront of technological advances in this field and to offer more efficient, reliable and economical solutions. Our leading expertise is built on our field experience, our numerical modelling capabilities and the development and optimization of specialized construction equipment.



PT Geoforce Indonesia is a fast growing national company engaged on Engineering, Procurement, and construction having core business in providing highly specialized supplies and services to various industries in Indonesia, especially in SOIL IMPROVEMENT. Backed up by highly dedicated and professional employees, PT Geoforce Indonesia has full commitment to support our client in order to meet their project’s goal through the provision of reliable, innovative, and competitive services using the best international practice. We offer an integrated solution in industries. Whatever your problem, we will come and help to solve it



PT PP (Persero) Tbk.

Doing business in the fields of Industry, Construction, Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC), trade, area management, capacity building services in the field of construction, engineering and planning services, development and optimizing the utilization of the Company's resources for/increasing the value of the Company by implementing the principles Limited Liability Company principles.


Terre Armee & Geoquest Pte. Ltd.

Geoquest Pte. Ltd. was established in 1980. The company operates in South- East Asia and East Asia. It offers premium quality technical products in the field of civil infrastructure and hydraulic protection, geohazard and industrial risk mitigation, basal reinforcement, ground stabilization, and drainage improvement.

Geoquest’s products and solutions are defined by two main business lines: Protect and Strengthen. Terre Armée has forged an unrivalled level of expertise and experience in reinforced backfill applications and soil-structure interaction. Our technical solutions are defined by four functions corresponding to the purpose of the structure to be designed: RETAIN, CROSS, PROTECT, STRENGTHEN.



PT. Promisco Sinergi Indonesia (Promisco)

PT. Promisco Sinergi Indonesia (Promisco) is a company engaged in Geotechnical consulting, land investigations, supervision, courses related to engineering, as well as geotechnical software training. Promisco was officially founded on October 8 2012 in accordance with Keputusan Menteri Hukum dan Hak Asasi Manusia Republik Indonesia Nomor: AHU-57867.AH.01.01.Tahun 2012. However, Promisco was founded by experts who have experience in the geotechnical field for more than 16 years and generally have been certified as expert geotechnical engineers (G-2) and intermediate geotechnical engineers (G-1).


Fudo Tetra Corporation

Established in October 2006, we are a corporate joint venture resulting from a merger between Fudo Construction Corporation, a specialist in onshore civil engineering and ground improvement, and Tetra Corporation, a company that designs and leases formwork for making wave-dissipating blocks, and undertakes other offshore civil engineering. Both companies have been involved in the construction of tunnels, highways and harbors, while honing technologies in their individual areas of expertise to mitigate liquefaction and subsidence in the ground, and protect vulnerable coastlines and offshore breakwaters from the power of the waves. Fudo Tetra’s desire for the future is to use its technical capability to ensure Japan’s land is safe and secure.


PT Keller Ground Indonesia

PT. Keller Ground Indonesia is part of KELLER Group, the world’s largest Geotechnical contractor. We are sure in providing professional services as a ground engineering specialist company in Indonesia. As part of the Keller Group, we have access to global expertise and resources. These capabilities enable us to provide cost effective, fit-for-purpose geotechnical solutions across different market sectors. We provide a full range of Geotechnical Solutions employed across the construction sector in Infrastructure (airport, mass transit system, port, rail, road, sewage, water), Industrial (manufacturing, mining, oil & gas, chemical, pulp paper), Power (power generation, power distribution and transmission) projects.